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About Us

Welcome to Frontier Studios 

The Shumway Brothers have been a part of the film and television industry for over 15 years.

Matt Shumway works as a staff animator at Industrial Light & Magic. He graduated with distinction from Art Center College of Design. He has played a significant role in many high profile films including The Chronicles of Narnia, The Incredible Hulk, Land of the Lost and The Golden Compass among others. He was nominated for an Annie Award for his work on Aslan the Lion in Narnia. Matt was the animation director on the popular Joss Whedon/ Drew Goddard Cabin in the Woods, and recently he served as an animation supervisor on Ang Lee’s Life of Pi which earned him an Annie Award for the Tiger, and the show won the Academy Award for best Visual Effects.

Jason Shumway works as a professional editor for television. He graduated from the prestigious USC School of Cinema and Television. Over his career he has worked on popular shows for NBC, E! And G4. Recently, Jason produced the award winning feature film Bloomington. With a stellar record of producing, every film Jason has produced has gone on to win multiple awards at festivals.

Jason and Matt founded Frontier Studios for the purpose of producing narrative short and feature films. The first Frontier Studios production was the short animated film Over the Moon. This film went on to win audience choice at the Dances with Film Film Festival in 2004. Following the success of this short Jason and Matt felt that their talents were very complimentary and decided to co-direct as the Shumway Brothers. In 2005 they began the journey that would become Enigma . Enigma is a $50,000, 42 min sci-fi featurette. The film was an ambitious step for the brothers as it was to be shot on the new HD technology and contained 200+ visual effect shots, as one of the plot's important characters was to be animated. Enigma completed production in early 2006 and entered the long post process. Over the next 3 years Frontier Studios would produce over an estimated $4 million worth of visual effects. Enigma was released in 2010 and premiered at the Dances with Films Film Festival. It earned its first award; Audience Choice best short. Over the next year Enigma would win over and over again taking the Best Science Fiction award 6 times, Best Visual Effects 4 times, Best Action Sequence, Best Costumes, and Best Sound Design. Its most prestigious award came from the 2009 Orlando Film Festival were it received a grand jury prize, Best Short. In Orlando, Enigma played to 2 sold out 400 seat theaters. Enigma's final count: 42 awards and nominations. Riding on this success Frontier Studios was hired to produce Bloomington. Bloomington is a lesbian romance between a college professor and one of her students. Jason Shumway took the position of producer and managed the entire production. He moved the shoot to Indiana to meet the needs of the story and to maximize its budget. He was able to complete principle photography in 4 weeks and bring the film in on budget. Though the storyline was quite controversial, the critics have praised Bloomington. Variety called it “polished and entertaining” and the popular gay and lesbian website said ”It's sexy, it's different, and best of all, it's fun.” Frontier Studios’ success has been consistent and now intends to produce the debut feature film for the Shumway Brothers.