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426 Via Napoli
Burbank, CA


Home page for the film production of Frontier Studios




Winner of 42 Awards and Nominations from around the world!



Directed by: Jason Shumway & Matt Shumway 

Produced by: Jason Shumway

Written by: Jason Shumway & Matt Shumway 

Starring: Nadia Salamanca, Ventura Alvarez, Iris Corliss, and Cory Rouse

Story:    Floating dead in space, transport ship Genesis become an unsolvable mystery.All hands on board have been killed. But how, and why? What began as a simple transport mission for the crew of the Genesis, ends with not only their bloodshed, but the loss of an important military prisoner. Follow as we look back to the mission and see if you can discover the enigma.

I remember the first time I got off planet, I just looked out at those stars and I knew that’s where I wanted to be.
— -Kyleigh Rothman